Tools for Awakening The Umaverse is a waystation on your path. 

A place to contemplate your journey, find nourishment, receive healing, discover deeper meaning, and surround yourself with beauty.

Through her unique life experiences, Uma Bode brings tools of healing and growth to illuminate your path. As an artist, intuitive tarot reader, writer, and healer she serves and supports her clients during their unique, life-long processes of awakening to who they truly are.

Are you ready to discover the Umaverse?


An Invitation From Uma Bode

Hello, wayfarer on the path of life. Welcome to The Umaverse. If you found your way here, you are probably seeking knowledge or wisdom, or perhaps you hear a whisper, "there's more to this life."

I created The Umaverse because I know that the world needs your gifts, just as surely as you need to bring them into the world. It is my one-pointed mission to help you do so. 

Living your most authentic life is the most powerful thing you can do for the earth and for all of humanity. Awakening to your singular spiritual journey will enliven your days and bring joy to the world. Learning to ride the waves of your life's unfolding story will be the greatest adventure you could ever embark upon, even if you never leave your hometown.

The Umaverse is here to point you back to Source, to Love, to Mystery and to the larger and deeper purpose of your journey through this human life. 

What People Are Saying

"Finding Uma has been a blessing to me! After a Tarot reading we shared recently, we immediately connected. Uma is helping me find my spiritual path through her teachings. I would highly recommend working with her on your own self-discovery journey!"

Diva F.

Teacher, Repeat Tarot Client

"Uma is a gifted healer and guide.  She works with you to find clarity, direction and health.  Each step of the way, she helps illuminate your path while encouraging you yourself to find and follow what is offered to you.  Her Tarot cards are evocative and aesthetically beautiful.  Their images linger within you long after a session."

Maria S.

Therapist, Repeat Tarot Client

"Uma is truly gifted and has the most beautiful energy! I felt so at ease and comfortable immediately. Her reading was informative, and she offered me great insight and guidance. She was patient, answered all of my questions and was patient/compassionate as I talked through some of the tough things that I’ve been facing. I can’t rave enough! So grateful I found her and will definitely be seeking her guidance going forward."

Dani B.

Business Owner, Tarot Client

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