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Holiday Show Schedule

Here come the Holidays!
Here’s a list of holiday fairs, craft shows, and other places I’ll be selling over the next few weeks:

Friday/Saturday 12/7: River’s Edge Healing Center Holiday Fair  10 AM – 3 PM

Friday/Saturday 12/6 and 12/7: Christmas Town Festival

Sunday 12/8: Holiday Makers Marketplace at the Jefferson Valley Mall

Saturday 12/14: Eastchester Public Library Holiday Market

Just in case you want to do some shopping. 🙂 Happy Holidays.

Of course, you can always purchse right here on the website also!

Photographic Art For The Soul 

Art that helps you remember. You are here to wake up. Pay attention. See beyond what you think is there. 

Healing Sessions & Tarot Readings

An Umaverse session is whatever you need at the moment you step into the room. Perhaps it’s one long immersive and silent deep energetic healing session on the table. There may be a calling for some oracle work with a tarot reading. You might leave with a piece of photographic art specifically designed to call your awareness to awakening. If you need conversation and to work through some challenging issues or decisions, then that’s what we will do, using the cards, Uma’s intuition and your innate knowing. Uma is here to help point you back to Source, to Love, to Mystery and to the larger and deeper purpose of your journey through this human life.

The Umaverse is a waystation on the path.  A place to contemplate your journey, find nourishment, receive healing, discover deeper meaning and surround yourself with beauty.

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