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The Umaverse is a waystation on the path.  A place to contemplate your journey, find nourishment, receive healing, discover deeper meaning and surround yourself with beauty. 

Uma Bode is the artist and healer at the heart of the Umaverse. She is here to support your process of awakening to who you truly are. Offerings include:

Photographic Art and Products

Tarot Readings for Insight

Deep Energetic Healing


Workshops and Classes



Photographic Art For The Soul 

Art that helps you remember. You are here to wake up. Pay attention. See beyond what you think is there. 

Healing Sessions & Tarot Readings

An Umaverse session is whatever you need at the moment you step into the room. Perhaps it’s one long immersive and silent deep energetic healing session on the table. There may be a calling for some oracle work with a tarot reading. You might leave with a piece of photographic art specifically designed to call your awareness to awakening. If you need conversation and to work through some challenging issues or decisions, then that’s what we will do, using the cards, Uma’s intuition and your innate knowing. Uma is here to help point you back to Source, to Love, to Mystery and to the larger and deeper purpose of your journey through this human life.

Blog and Writings

The Time Of Coronavirus

The Time Of Coronavirus

This is unprecedented. This is nothing we have ever done before. What is most important? Envision an awakened world. Recognize you do not know what...

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Won’t Be Contained

Won’t Be Contained

I don’t have the usual things A husband or wife Kids A regular job or some kind of inheritance A drive for security. I have fear But it won’t drive...

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Go To The Limits Of Your Longing

God speaks to each of us as he makes us, then walks with us silently out of the night. These are the words we dimly hear: You, sent out beyond your...

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