Tools for Awakening Because the world needs your gifts 

The Umaverse exists to serve and support your unique, life-long process of discovering and living your most authentic life.

Uma Bode, founder of The Umaverse, has a gift for facilitating personal transformation and inner spiritual growth in those who seek it.

Are you willing to grow and awaken? Are you ready for something more?


An Invitation From Uma

Hello, wayfarer on the path of life. Welcome to The Umaverse. If you found your way here, you are probably seeking knowledge or wisdom, or perhaps you hear a whisper, "there's more to this life."

I created The Umaverse because I know that the world needs your gifts, just as surely as you need to bring them into the world. It is my one-pointed mission to help you do so. 

Living your most authentic life is the most powerful thing you can do for the earth and for all of humanity. Awakening to your singular spiritual journey will enliven your days and bring joy to the world. Learning to ride the waves of your life's unfolding story will be the greatest adventure you could ever embark upon, even if you never leave your hometown.

The Umaverse is here to point you back to Source, to Love, to Mystery and to the larger and deeper purpose of your journey through this human life. Join The Umaverse Community and start today. If not now, when?