Tools For Awakening Spiritual Growth
For Real People

An Invitation From Uma

Hello, wayfarer on the path of life.

I believe that living your authentic life is the most powerful thing you can do for the earth and all of humanity.

The Umaverse exists to help you discover and live that life...the one you came here for.

Awakening to your singular spiritual journey will enliven your days and bring joy to the world. Learning to bravely ride the waves of your life's unfolding story will be the greatest adventure you could ever embark upon, even if you never leave your hometown.

The Umaverse is here to point you back to Source, Love, Mystery, and the larger and deeper purpose of your journey through this human life.



Work with me

Private 1:1

Intuitive Tarot Reading & Coaching Session

Private 1:1

Self-Discovery Journey:
4 Weeks of Intentional Coaching

Group Program

Live the Life You Long For: 6-week Course

Free Ebook

Five Guiding Principles That Transform Your LIfe

Self-Paced Course

How To Overcome 5 Primary Barriers to the Life You Long For


What to expect from these offerings

I help you discover and live a life that resonates within your heart right now. Because I believe that your heart is your perfectly prescribed personal guide and that it is the only one you need. The God of your understanding is calling you to the life you long for. 

A safe, compassionate space to take a deep breath and let go

I create a kind, accepting, and safe container for you to show up as you are and just be yourself. Many of my clients have never experienced that before.

All parts of you are welcome in this space. Your happiness and accomplishments. Your mistakes and regrets. Your sadness, anxiety, and depression. Your dreams and desires. Everything. The parts that you love and the parts that you might not like very much.

At the same time, there is no pressure to reveal anything that you are not comfortable with. You decide what they want to share.

This welcoming, no-pressure space of acceptance and non-judgment is the essential foundation for learning how to live the life you long for.

A guided, supported process of self-inquiry

With gentle encouragement, you embark on a journey of self-discovery. You come to know yourself more deeply than you already do. Through that process, you discover what needs to be examined, understood, reframed, and released.

This leads you to your inner truth, which is where you find what you truly long for. This is a critical step toward authentic happiness for all of us, because if you don’t know what you truly want, then you will spend your life chasing something else.

If you think about it, it’s easy to see how this is often a big reason we are not happy in the first place. We haven’t been taught to make important life decisions based on our inner truth. In fact, just the opposite.

The world we live in generally tells us what we should do, what we ought to do, and what other people did. If we listen to that, and most of us do, then we end up with a life based on a whole bunch of “shoulds and oughts” that don’t align with our inner truth at all.

I’m sure you can see why living the life you long for requires discovering what is authentic for you behind all those “should and oughts.”

Exploring what’s possible

Within the container that we have created and with the help of guided inquiry, you begin to explore what YOU want to do, be, and create. This is the fun part, although at first it can feel difficult or scary.

But remember — exploration is essential. Like going clothes shopping, you can’t be sure of what we want in life until you “try it on.”

We are not figuring out one plan for your entire life right now. Instead, the focus is to become comfortable and skillful at the process of checking out and checking in.

Checking out means looking outward to consider all your options and interests. Checking in means looking inward to see if they fit your desires.

This is not a “one and done” process. You wouldn’t want to wear the same clothes all the time, would you? On different days, and over the years, your tastes and preferences will naturally change.

Similarly, it is highly unlikely that what you want to create in your life will stay the same either. In fact — it’s not supposed to.

Developing, cultivating, and fortifying your personal spirituality

The heart of this work is your unique personal spiritual life — no matter what that looks like for you.

As I work with you, we investigate your spirituality. We ask questions like, “What is your relationship with the God of your understanding? Do you believe that you are loved? How has your spirituality evolved and changed over time?”

During this work, spirituality is brought into the open and discussed. If relevant, any wounds related to the religion you were brought up in can be processed so that healing and release can occur.

We look at any confusion that may exist for you about what you think or believe. Within the safe container that we have created together, you are free to completely investigate your spirituality at your natural pace.

It is not necessary to arrive at absolute answers during this investigation. You are welcome to be comfortable in the “unknowing” and to allow your spirituality to unfold in its own time.

Personal spirituality is the foundation of the work I do with all my clients. It is in no way dogmatic or religious. It is open, curious, loving, connected, giving, grateful, and gracious.

For me, the most important part of my life is my ever-evolving connection with Source/Spirit/God — and my accompanying expanding experience of unconditional love. This is why and how I live the life I long for and it is usually what allows my clients to live theirs.

Becoming fearless and making real changes

At first, you might feel that the idea of making real changes in your life is scary and that it seems impossible — or at least very daunting.

I understand why you feel that way.

But I want to emphasize that it is truly possible. I know this because I’ve seen it happen in my own life, and time and again in my clients’ lives.

Let me reassure you – there’s no need to worry. When it’s time to make changes, you will be ready. And if you’re not ready, then you can wait until it is.

The amazing miracle of this work is that the source of our fearlessness is also the source of our inner truth. What we are drawn to will be provided for. Your life is your path, and it is meant for you to walk it.

Your job is simply to approach our path and start upon it.

As you do so, fearlessness is gifted to you, and you suddenly find that you can make the changes that you have longed for.