Personalized 1:1 coaching to help you dive deeper into your spiritual path and bring more joy, fulfillment, and connection into your everyday life.

Profound insights + practical tools to facilitate your awakening

A limited number of spots available each month.

Move beyond surface-level teachings & dive deeper into your spiritual path

Note: This is not about ascending to the upper echelons of some spiritual society, or figuring out how to achieve enlightenment in the span 4 weeks.

This is about YOU, living your life as a real human being, with your own challenges and difficulties…

And finding ways to move forward and create joy, happiness, and fulfillment within that.

Remember, it’s never too late to start.

A limited number of spots available each month.

Paula M

“I feel alive again”

“For the past year and a half or so I have felt as if I were living my life from behind a veil.

I felt disconnected in so many ways and truly felt like a stranger in a strange land in my own body.

After completing my journey with Uma I can tell you that I feel alive again.

I feel connected, supercharged, and happily back on track.

If you’re thinking about doing this, trust yourself and sign up.

You will not be disappointed!"

- Paula M.

What our journey will look like


4 x 60-minute coaching sessions

To help you work through specific challenges, ask questions, and feel supported in your journey of growth and awakening.


Personalized homework assignments

To help you uncover what you want your life to look like & what has been keeping you stuck in your old patterns up until now.


Daily practices to help you deepen your connection to Spirit/Source/the God of your understanding

These may change during your journey in response to your growth and changing awareness.


Access to me through email

So that you can navigate the challenging points with grace and love.

A limited number of spots available each month.

What you can expect while working with me

Insight Beyond Expectation

Immediate and profound insights into your unique spiritual awakening path.

Participatory Collaboration

Receive training and become empowered to hear and trust your inner guidance.

Live Authentically

Explore, embrace and allow your deepest dreams and desires for your life.

Empathetic & Accepting

Kind and affirming-all the intricacies of your story are welcome here.

Next Level Awareness

Discover your innate potential for potent and powerful presence.

Get In Alignment

It's really quite simple to live the life of your dreams-it's waiting for you.

Chhimed Larger

“If you have an acute or tenacious problem you've revisited over and over with no movement or relief in sight, I highly recommend working with Uma.

Her ability to ask questions and dig in *with* you to find solutions that are truly authentic is extraordinary.

She never tells you what to do, but listens deeply and asks clarifying questions to unearth your most urgent and profound need.”

- Chhimed L.


The Self-Discovery Journey is for you if….


You are ready for the next step on your personal path of awakening


You feel called to step into your most authentic life


You are looking to deepen your relationship with the “god of your understanding” (whatever you may call it)


You love the idea of a focused, guided, transformational, and personalized experience of working closely with an inspirational spiritual mentor

A limited number of spots available each month.

I am as devoted to your awakening as I am to my own.

Which means that I will be there, holding your hand, every step of the way.


Roxanne D-compressed

“She actually wanted to know how I was doing”

“Uma was just… Different. She actually wanted to know how I was doing, and what was happening in my life.

She wasn’t intrusive about it, it was totally up to me to connect with her. And I felt really comfortable doing that.

Something about her energy just made me feel at home.

- Roxanne D., 


Deepen your spiritual path and create a life of joy and connection

With 1:1 guidance + practical tools to support you every step of the way

Roxanne D-compressed

Additional testimonial will go here

“Additional testimonial will go here.”

- Roxanne D., 



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