1:1 Tarot Coaching


How do I get started?

Reserve a 15-minute or 30-minute tarot reading with Uma.

"Excellent session with sound advice and full explanation of each card meaning. Uma definitely has a gift! Highly recommended."


What Can I Expect During My Tarot Reading with Uma?

Uma Bode
  1. The zoom call starts with a welcome and a check-in. The call is recorded so she can send it to you afterwards. 
  2. Uma will ask you how you are doing and what your question or issue is in this moment. Sometimes it will have changed since you set up the appointment, which is fine.
  3. She may walk you through a brief meditation to prepare you to receive guidance through the cards.
  4. She will lay out the cards face down and select cards for your reading.
  5. Before saying anything, she shows you the cards so you can take them in pre-verbally. She usually also asks for any first impressions from you, if you have any.
  6. After that, Uma proceeds with your reading. Her work is to explain the meaning of your cards in the context of your issue or question. 
  7. She will pause at times to ask if it is resonating with you and if you have questions. Take advantage of these moments to respond honestly. Conversation with her is usually very fruitful
  8. As your time draws to a close, she will ask again if you have any last questions, need for clarification, or comments. 
  9. At the end of your appointment, Uma will thank you and send you on your way with blessings and appreciation.
  10. It is recommended that you do not schedule anything for right after your reading. Instead, sit quietly or go for a walk as you contemplate the messages you received.
  11. By the end of the day, you will receive an email with photos of your cards and a link to the recording that you can download and keep. 

"Uma is truly gifted and has the most beautiful energy! I felt so at ease and comfortable immediately. Her reading was informative, and she offered me great insight and guidance. She was patient, answered all of my questions and was patient/compassionate as I talked through some of the tough things that I've been facing. I can't rave enough! So grateful I found her and will definitely be seeking her guidance going forward."


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Schedule a 15-minute or 30-minute Tarot Reading with Uma.