For the creative, spiritually-connected woman who feel stuck in a career, job, or life that doesn't match her soul's longing


  • Are you tired of giving all your energy to a career/life that no longer feels aligned with who you truly are?
  • Have you worked hard to create a successful career yet wake up on Monday dreading going to work?
  • Do you worry that life is passing you by?
  • Have you been wishing you could make bold changes to create a more authentic and purposeful life, but don't know how to begin?
  • Are you fed up with feeling trapped in someone else’s mold and do you long to break free?
  • Do you wish you could finally, really figure out a business or career that will align with your soul?
  • Are you ready to feel joyful, exhilarated and excited to be alive?
Writing over sunrise What if Anything Is possbile?


You lived a life that aligns with who you truly are and what you honestly care about?
You stopped believing the stories you’ve been told about what options are (or aren’t) open to you?
You woke up every day knowing beyond doubt that you are capable, perfect and beautiful just the way you are?
You supported yourself well with work that you love and that makes good use of your unique gifts and skills?
You knew how to organize and manage your time in a way that feels powerful and productive each and every day?


Learn how to create a different life for yourself. One that fits you for real.
Believe the truth about how powerful and perfect you actually are.
Do the work you want to, give the world your gifts, and know the incredibly powerful feeling of doing what you were meant to do.
Overcome self-esteem and self-worth issues that have kept you feeling small or incapable.
Manage your life and your time like a loving and gracious CEO who knows her worth and loves herself.
What if you CAN have the life you want_

Uma's Invitation To You



Special Prices This Session ONLY:

Investment: $500 - $1,200  -  (Regularly $800 - $1,600)

Scholarships Available  -  Enrollment Is Limited


Realign With Your Heart & Soul

It's what you are here for.

Develop Self-compassion and Kindness

The key to healing feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem.

Connect to limitless love and inner wisdom

A deep and abiding well of love and support awaits you.

Trust your own unique process of practical awakening

Because that is truly why you have come to this life and it is at the core of all you desire.

Discover Deep, abiding faith that you can create your dream life

It is really true and you will wonder how you ever doubted it before.



Manifestation Methodologies


Intuition & Self-Trust


Conscious Communication


Grounded Spiritual Awakening


Boundaries & Self-Worth


Deeper Relationships & Connections


Shift from hesitancy to action, from insecurity to confidence, from indecisiveness to clarity.
Go from feeling stuck in your life to experiencing the endless flow of creativity that is your birthright
Move from feeling disconnected and alone to feeling connected and part of a supportive and empowering community.
Transform from feeling confused about how to create a new life into feeling clear and empowered as you see your dreams coming into being.

Move from feeling frustrated and out of alignment to feeling powerfully aligned with your deepest purpose.


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Special Pricing This Session ONLY:

Investment: $500 - $1,200

(Regularly $800 - $1,600)

Scholarships Available

Enrollment Is Limited

Unexpected Realizations & Changes
A Testimonial by Chhimed Drolma (she/her)

I've been going through some major life transitions and have been stuck in a stagnant cycle of self-doubt, inaction, and fear. 

The support and guidance from Uma and her program have been a total gift from the gods. 

Uma's group facilitation is gentle yet powerful, allowing everyone to pinpoint the essence of their issue and find remedies best for their individual needs. She cultivates a group experience that is laser-focused, compassionate towards self, respectful, and full of hope and possibility. It has been beautiful to see my sisters in this program focus on their personal issues and find growth, encouragement, and relief. The group work and sharing feel very nourishing, emotionally and spiritually. Uma's facilitation as well as hearing the other women has made my personal vision more clear. 

The one-on-one guidance Uma provides has been invaluable. I thought my problem was purely financial and lack of motivation.


With Uma's spiritual-centered guidance, I was able to identify some of the obstacles I hadn't recognized - not believing in myself and poor boundary setting. Setting simple, straightforward boundaries for myself has been a confidence-builder as well as a comfort!

The course materials have been beautifully clarifying and have given me more focus and specific goals. I'm only halfway through the program, but the guidance I've received thus far has definitely bolstered my ability to take action. 

If you have an acute or tenacious problem you've revisited over and over with no movement or relief in sight, I highly recommend working with Uma. Her ability to ask questions and dig in *with* you to find solutions that are truly authentic is extraordinary. She never tells you what to do, but listens deeply and asks clarifying questions to unearth your most urgent and profound need. Thank you, Uma!

Why Uma Is A Perfect Guide For This Journey

The people I work with report transformations in ways that still surprise even me!

What I bring is a combination of innate intuition and a lifetime of dedication to my own process of awakening.

But it wasn't always like that for me. I used to be stuck in a huge way...


I've spent my life devoted to this journey of awakening to my essential self and authentic life.

And even so, for many years, I was pretty miserable. I believed that I was not "meeting my potential" and felt unworthy, lazy, unlikeable, unattractive, and generally like a loser. Filled with self-doubt. Unable to get organized or choose a project or direction. I was intensely judgmental and lived in a perpetual state of self-hatred and self-betrayal. When I had inspiring ideas or goals, I rarely acted on them and if I did, I always quit before really getting them to fruition. Every. Single. Time.

I used to accept the jobs that appeared despite not being something that I wanted to do, because they were there and I needed to make money. I even got a master’s degree in botany and plant ecology just so I could say I "was" something when people asked. I ended up with a corporate career in environmental consulting for many years. I was MISERABLE.

I am a many-faceted creator and artist in my heart. Not a scientist.

For years, I spent SO MUCH time and money on therapy, Buddhist studies and practices, other spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, chiropractic, Ayurveda, pancha karma, changing my diet, yoga teacher training, energy healing, massage, using tarot, runes and other oracle methods, extensive spiritual trainings and apprenticeships, the list goes on and on and on. In addition to receiving treatments in these modalities, I also trained in how to offer many of them.

While all of that  had some positive impact on me, nothing shifted my experience of unworthiness and not being able to trust or experience love.

Until I “randomly” met a teacher and humanitarian (Vanessa Stone) in May, 2010, and started on a path of real, powerful, authentic change and healing.

Vanessa helped me understand that all healing and spirituality comes down to One Relationship with the God of your understanding, rooted in love and acceptance of self and other.

She helped me look for love in the right place, and also opened the door to the reality that I was lovable and in fact, greatly loved. Loved beyond measure.

Since then, through grace and mystery, I’ve healed from all that held me back.

I know, in almost every instant and instance, how to navigate my life and create what I desire.

In the increasingly rare moments where I lose my way and feel old patterns welling up, I have the awareness and skill I need to check myself and return to my authentic self.

In many ways, I always knew everything I know now, but I needed to go through my own unique healing process in order to finally live the life I longed for and do the work I know I came here to do.

What is that work?

To help YOU do the same thing.

My work on this planet, the reason I’m alive, is to help those who are ready to live their authentic lives and bring their unique gifts to the world. Because it is time. We need you. We all need each other.


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