Summer 2021 - Starts June 13


What's in it

How much it costs

Financial aid

And other good stuff like that

Which Level Is Right For You?

This is the first time I'm offering this program as currently designed

so I'm offering one-time "Summer 2021 Pilot Pricing."

Soul-Alignment Workshops (including Homework and Handouts) (5 total workshops, 3 hours each)

Video Recordings of each workshop (lifetime access)

Welcome Letter, Video, Pre-Assignments (step by step preparation & guidance)

Sisters Facebook Group (lifetime membership)

Support & Accountability Partners (a priceless value)


$800 $500

Includes all of Level I, PLUS

Small Group Integration Circles (facilitated by  Uma) (8 circles total, 1.5 hours each)


$1,000 $750

Includes all of Level I & II, PLUS

Private Coaching Sessions (1:1 With Uma) (5 sessions total, 1 hour each)

Unique care package (Personalized gifts for your journey)


$1,600 $1,200

Pricing And Financial Aid


One (1) Payment

LEVEL I - $500

LEVEL II - $750

LEVEL III - $1,200


Four (4) payments:

LEVEL I - $140

LEVEL II - $210

LEVEL III - $330


This work is available to all.

If truly ready.

Partial and full scholarships.

Application does not require your financial information.

JUNE 13 - AUGUST 29 

All Levels

Soul-Alignment Workshops

Saturdays 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

June 13

July 11

August 1 & 29

Levels II & III Only

Small-Group Integration Circles

Tuesdays 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM EST

June 22 & 29

July 6, 20, & 27

August 10, 17, & 24

Level III Only

Private Coaching

Separate Scheduling

Will be scheduled individually after registration. You will receive all the information you need to make your appointments. 


Soul-Alignment Workshops

What it is: The foundational information, teachings, systems, new ways of thinking, breakthroughs, connection, and support of the program.

Why it's important: Learn the basics of everything you need to know and implement for your transformation process. Receive homework, handouts and guidance that you will be able to integrate immediately and also return to anytime as you grow and expand in your soul-alignment journey

Workshop Video Recordings

What it is: The entire video and audio of each workshop is recorded and made available within a few days of each session.

Why it's important: You will have lifelong access to the wisdom and guidance of these teachings at your fingertips so that you can study and integrate them at your own pace for the rest of your life.

Welcome Letter/Video & Pre-Assignments

What it is: The welcome letter and video are sent to you via email as soon as you complete registration. They include inspiring assignments, though-provoking self-assessments, a detailed list of recommended supplies, step-by-step preparation for the program and more.

Why it's important: As soon as you sign up, the process begins for you and you have everything you need to get started and stay organized. 

Sisters Facebook Group

What it is: Connection, support, fun and sisterhood. A place to discuss and get feedback on your process, ask questions, and provide support and feedback. Deep connection with a powerful group of women alchemists as devoted as you are to living their authentic life and sharing their unique gifts with the world.

Why it's important: Knowing that you are not alone in your journey or with your emotions is one of the most powerful healing tools in the world. 

Support & Accountability Partnerships

What it is: Someone with whom to give and receive support, insight, friendship and accountability as you make your way through this magical journey of realigning your heart and soul with your actual experience of being alive.

Why it's important: To keep you connected, supported and on track with regularly scheduled partner check-ins per your individual needs. Optional (highly recommended). Partnerships may shift throughout the program or you might choose to have the same partner throughout. 

Small Group Integration Circles

What it is: The integration circles are truly integral to the process you will be going through and it is highly recommended that you join at this level. They provide a deep, dedicated space for processing and witnessing and to ask questions and receive insight and feedback from Uma.

Why it's important: To provide you with a powerful space to share, process, and learn from each other. Many women find these circles to be the most transformational and helpful part of the process. (Circles are NOT recorded.)

Private Coaching Sessions 1:1

What it is: Uma gives you focused 1:1 attention and guidance during each hourlong session. Uma helps you gain a new perspective and clarity on your life which directly increases your ability to transform and overcome any blocks to your growth and reconnection with your own heart and soul.

Why it's important: Super charges the process in every way imaginable! These sessions will help you achieve personalized integration of all aspects of the teachings so that you will change your entire life entirely, permanently, and most likely in ways that you can’t yet even fathom. All sessions are audio recorded and made available for you to download or re-listen online.

Unique care package

What it is: A carefully and lovingly curated selection of items, based on your responses to the registration survey and one of the welcome letter self-assessment assignments. 

(Examples of the sorts of things that might be included: crystals, sage, essential oils, flower essences, medicinal bath kit, altar cloth, oracle deck, tarot deck, books, piece of my photographic art, etc.)

Why it's important: Receive a special and deeply personal gift from Uma of inspiring and beautiful items for your physical space to remind you every day of your commitment to this journey and of all that is truly possible for you.


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