Live the Life You Long For

Don't Miss Out On Your Dreams

Do you...

Wish you lived a more authentic and purposeful life – but aren’t sure how to begin?

Feel trapped in someone else’s idea of who you should be – but don’t know how to break free?

Want work that is soul-aligned and pays your bills - but can't believe it's possible? 

If so, this program is for you

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Claim Your Power Like these women have

"I’ve been in Uma’s 3-month program and subsequent ongoing support group since the start of 2021. After almost 9 months of meeting with Uma and the other spiritual sisters in my group, I am living proof that anything IS possible. I have achieved every single goal and more since then. This is the amazing part, when I started with Uma and began connecting with the life I truly wanted, I thought it to be a far-off wish, but almost right away, all of my goals began to be realized, as if on a perfect universal roadmap."


"I had absolutely no idea what to expect or where this might lead me, but I can tell you my friends it was exciting, interesting, eye-opening, fun, spiritual, and mind-blowing all wrapped up into one! To be perfectly honest, I don’t quite understand what happened, but I feel alive again, connected, supercharged, and happily back on track. The veil has lifted!"

Paula Mulhern

"I've been going through some major life transitions and have been stuck in a stagnant cycle of self-doubt, inaction, and fear. I thought my problem was purely financial and lack of motivation. With Uma's spiritual-centered guidance, I was able to identify some of the obstacles I hadn't recognized - not believing in myself and poor boundary setting. Setting simple, straightforward boundaries for myself has been a confidence-builder as well as a comfort!."

Chhimed Drolma (she/her)

This Unique Program Provides You

  • Step-by-step integrative training in practical and potent manifestation methods to create what you long for.
  • Unique inner work processes – gentle yet powerful and required to make the changes you wish for.
  • A safe community of sisterhood to provide applause, encouragement, and camaraderie on this journey.

After LLYLF You Will:

  • Know what you want to create in your life and how to actually create it.
  • Have a new cache of manifestation and transformation tools that you can rely on forever.
  • Feel enthusiasm, joy, clarity, and fearlessness every single day.
  • Believe beyond doubt that that anything truly is possible for you.

The Basics

What is It?

It’s a transformation program to train and empower women to live authentically and bring their lives into alignment with their inner longing.

Who is it for?

It’s for women of all ages who are ready to make a powerful change in their life. It doesn’t matter what kind of change.

Why does it exist?

It exists to fill a void in training and empowerment for spiritually-oriented women who want to finally live the life they long for.

How does it work?

Over 3 months, with other women on the same path, you clarify your vision, learn new concepts & skills, and develop new habits to create the change your wish for.

When does it start?

It runs year-round between solstices and equinoxes. There is a Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer session each year. Check the schedule on this page for exact dates.

Where does it happen?

The entire program is live online (via Zoom) on weekends. You can attend from anywhere. Workshops are recorded so you can watch later if you miss one.

What's Included

Transformative powerful content

Four Workshop Trainings

The foundational information, teachings, systems, new ways of thinking, breakthroughs, connection, and support of the program.

Why they're important: Learn the basics of everything you need to know for your transformation process. Receive wisdom that you will be able to integrate immediately and return to as you grow and expand in your soul-aligned life.

woman on mountain with hands open and full moon behind her
woman on mountain with hands open and full moon behind her
Growth-Focused Sharing

Four Integration Circles

A deep, dedicated space for processing, witnessing, and to ask questions and receive insight and feedback from Uma.

Why they're important: To give you a powerful space to share and process what comes up on this journey. The integration circles are a centerpiece of the program because seeing and being seen has a profound impact on your journey.

Supportive Authentic Connection

Private Sisterhood Community

Connection, support, fun and sisterhood. A place to discuss issues, ask questions, and receive and give support. Experience connection with a powerful group of women devoted to living their authentic life and sharing their unique gifts with the world. On Facebook.

Why it's important: Knowing that you are not alone in your journey or with your emotions is one of the most powerful healing tools of all.

woman on mountain with hands open and full moon behind her
woman on mountain with hands open and full moon behind her
Committed & Abundant Accountability

Facilitated Support Partnerships

Another woman in the program with whom to give and receive support, insight, friendship, and accountability as you journey together.

Why it's important: To keep you connected, supported, and on track with regularly scheduled texts, calls, zooms, or whatever you decide together. Partnerships rotate between the workshops, so you connect with more than one woman in the program.


Workshop Recordings

All sessions are recorded and you can download them for lifelong access to the wisdom and guidance of this program at your fingertips so that you can study and integrate them at your own pace for the rest of your life. 

Worksheets & Handouts

Each workshop will introduce new concepts, practices, and ideas. The worksheets and handouts will provide grounded, practical guidance and step-by-step processes for you to follow during and after the program.

Intro Video & Pre-Assignments

A few weeks before the program starts, you will receive inspiring assignments, a self-assessment, a detailed list of recommended supplies, and detailed preparation for the program. Plus a welcome video from Uma.

Weekly Check-In Assessment

A weekly survey, including questions on your progress with the material and homework, your emotional state, your support partnership, etc. It is an exercise in self-reflection and also keeps Uma connected to your process. 

All of this for $495
Value is over $2,000

Why is it priced below value?

To make it available to as many women as possible.



One Payment: $495
Two Payments: $247.50
Three Payments: $165
Four Payments: $123.75
Five Payments: $99

Optional Add-Ons

ADD ON: Additional Coaching Sessions

Up to 3 private 1:1 sessions with Uma

To ensure that you receive the most you can out of the program, meet with Uma privately for focused coaching.


ADD-ON: Spiritual Care Package

A package mailed to you with carefully chosen gifts specific for you. (Such as: sage bundles, candles, art, a book or journal, art supplies.)

Simple Box: $77

Extravaganza Box: $111

Schedule - Fall 2021
September 18 - December 18

We meet every other Saturday* and the sessions alternate between workshops and circles.

All meetings via Zoom. Join from anywhere. Recordings will be available for every session.

*Except the last two sessions in December are one week apart.


Saturdays 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM EST

September 18 

October 16

November 13

December 11


Saturdays 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM EST

October 2

October 30

November 27

December 18


  • Shift from hesitancy to action, from insecurity to confidence, from indecisiveness to clarity.
  • Go from feeling stuck in your life to experiencing the endless flow of creativity that is your birthright
  • Move from feeling disconnected and alone to feeling connected and part of a supportive and empowering community.
  • Transform from feeling confused about how to create a new life into feeling clear and empowered as you see your dreams coming into being.
  • Move from feeling frustrated and out of alignment to feeling powerfully aligned with your deepest purpose.



Checking in. Clearing Out. 

Reframing and paradigm shifts. Developing intuition and self-trust. Self-compassion. Inner work. The power of awareness and radical acceptance.



Develop and integrate your Personal Spiritual Guidance System. Write your personal manifesto. Connect to limitless love, miracles, possibilities.



Simple, straightforward methods for co-creating what you long for with the universe. Trusting the process. Practical time/project management skills.


Continued co-creation

Self-betrayal is no longer an option. Conscious communication. Honest relationships. Boundaries, projections and stories. Living in possibility.


Self-Betrayal Is No Longer An Option

Uma's group facilitation is gentle yet powerful, allowing everyone to pinpoint the essence of their issue and find remedies best for their individual needs.

She cultivates a group experience that is laser-focused, compassionate towards self, respectful, and full of hope and possibility.

It has been beautiful to see my sisters in this program focus on their personal issues and find growth, encouragement, and relief. The group work and sharing feel very nourishing, emotionally and spiritually.

The one-on-one guidance Uma provides has also been invaluable. I thought my problem was purely financial and a lack of motivation. But, with Uma's spiritual-centered guidance, I've identified  obstacles I hadn't recognized - not believing in myself and poor boundary setting.

Setting simple, straightforward boundaries for myself has been a confidence-builder as well as a comfort! If you have an acute or tenacious problem you've revisited over and over with no movement or relief in sight, I highly recommend working with Uma.

Her ability to ask questions and dig in *with* you to find solutions that are truly authentic is extraordinary. She never tells you what to do, but listens deeply and asks clarifying questions to unearth your most urgent and profound need. Thank you, Uma!

Chhimed Drolma (she/her)
Oakland, CA

I’ve been in Uma’s 3-Month Program for almost 9 months.

Through the sharing and introspective activities in our group, I now believe that anything IS possible, and I’m well along my way to living the life I want to live.

Uma is a delightful, caring, sensitive, and empowering spiritual teacher. She is gifted with wisdom and brings a deep listening that can transform a person’s internal perspective with a few simple phrases.

She never tells you what you should do or feel. She is artful about how the sessions unfold, not holding too tightly to a preconceived idea, and allowing for Grace to enter and honor all who are present.

There have been many transformative epiphanies along the way.

I’ve taken massive action during this time, making brave changes to live my life and spend my time on earth the way I want to.

It’s an incredible comfort to know that every time we regroup with Uma, no matter what shifts have occurred, she brings the same embrace and deep spiritual guidance to remind me, everything in life happens FOR me, not to me.

These are wise words that I carry each day to help guide me to stay open to receiving the life my soul desires for my happiness, and so too, the happiness of my loved ones.


This program will help you

Realign with your heart and soul

It's what you are here for.

Develop self-compassion and kindness

The key to healing feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem.

Connect to limitless love and inner wisdom

A deep and abiding well of love and support awaits you.

Trust your own unique process of practical awakening

That is why you have come to this life, and is at the core of all you desire.

Discover deep, abiding faith that you can create your dream life

It is true, and you will wonder how you ever doubted it before.

Find on-demand access to inner joy, fearlessness, and clarity.

These feelings are your birthright. 


Discuss With Uma Schedule A Call

A 20-minute free conversation about what you are seeking and whether LLYLF is a good fit for you. No pressure to enroll. It's a "get to know each other" call.

Try It Out LLYLF workshop

Take the 90-minute interactive workshop to learn the 5 barriers between you and the life you long for, and how to start to change things now.

You will receive:

Straightforward training in how to live the life you long for.

A community of sisters who cheer and support your dreams.

Small, personalized program adapted to your exact needs.

woman on mountain with hands open and full moon behind her