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Go To The Limits Of Your Longing

God speaks to each of us as he makes us, then walks with us silently out of the night. These are the words we dimly hear: You, sent out beyond your recall, go to the limits of your longing. Embody me. Flare up like a flame and make big shadows I can move in. Let...

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Fear Is An Opportunity

I just realized the amount of anxiety and fear I live with every day is an opportunity. An opportunity for self-awareness. That is the main thing. Self-awareness. After that, you may or may not really need to do any kind of fancy process to digest or process or...

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Time to Rise

It is time for women to rise up and lead. To show the way to a loving world order. Can we do it? I don't know. But we have to try. However that has meaning for you go for it.

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Slow Rejuvenation

Waking up today I didn’t feel like I weighed a thousand pounds. Instead, I felt energy slowly returning to my body and heart. The love and the light are finding their way into me. Rejuvenating me. Being willing to walk through the darkness and grief and anger and...

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Friendship Lessons

Today is another day. Sometimes when I wake up, I am grateful to be alive. Excited for what will come in the hours ahead. Other times (like this morning), I lie in the gray light and wonder why I feel like I weigh 1,000 pounds. I've made a commitment (to myself) to...

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How and what I am ~ How and what I wish to be

For some reason I don't exactly understand, and in no particular order, I feel compelled to write and share these facts about myself. I am a: photographic artist writer visionary healer horse rider dog trainer closet designer botanist tarot reader web-mistress &...

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Jake, My Beloved Dog

Yesterday, August 23, 2018, right around 6 PM EST, one of the most wonderful dogs ever born left this world. Jake came to me in summer 2003, just over 15 years ago, after my dad died of cancer and my dog, Buddy, was hit by a car and killed that same night. The grief...

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I Can’t Take Down The Christmas Tree

I can't take down the Christmas tree. I'm not sure what that's all about, but I just can't bring myself to take it down. I love seeing it when I come home and I love how it lights up the room in the morning before dawn and at night while I'm puttering about the house....

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