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Do you have

an unspoken dream or idea that you would “love to do if you only had the time/money/other limiting belief?"

Are you

a small business owner who is ready to level up your game and your income with support from like-minded kindred spirits?

Are you

an artist of any type (and we all are) who needs a kick in the pants to create more and/or wants support while you make it happen?

Are you

a human being who is ready to illuminate your life as you grow and share with a community of like-minded kindred spirits?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you'll greatly benefit by joining the Umaverse Creative Support Network.

Uma is truly gifted and has the most beautiful energy! I felt at ease and comfortable immediately. Her reading was informative, and she offered me great insight and guidance. She's super patient, answered all of my questions and was compassionate as I talked through some of the things I’ve been facing. I can’t rave enough! She's a true UNICORN! So grateful I found her and will definitely be seeking her guidance going forward.

Dani B, Business Owner, NYC

The Umaverse Creative Support Network:


Gathers a community of like-minded kindred spirits to offer support and provide accountability for each other. Virtual meetings via zoom.


Assists each individual member to bring their gifts to the world, because the world needs them. When you shine, we all shine.


Gathers a community of like-minded kindred spirits to offer support and provide accountability for each other.


Teaches tools for living more joyfully, communicating better and managing to-do lists with ease and success.


Provides training in basic business management skills such as financial management, marketing, social media, and more.


Builds participatory manifestation. Your desires and vision will help co-create the group as we go. Topics and practices will be offered in response to the unique needs of the group members.

And so much more!

Keep Me Posted


Duration: 3 Months 

Four Monthly Zoom Group Meetings 

Weekly Accountability Partner Check-Ins

Group Meeting Dates


Monthly Meetings

Our 3 hour meetings will include trainings, sharing, and feedback from the group and Uma on your current challenges. Specific exercises will clarify your goals and set measurable objectives and tasks for you to complete between sessions. Exercises may include Writing Your Personal Manifesto, Developing Your Vision and Mission, Compiling Project Goals and Objectives, Clarifying Your Vision, etc.

Assignments and practices will be given at the end of each meeting for you to focus on for the next 4 weeks in order to clarify your plans and bring them into the world.

Accountability Partnerships

All participants will be paired with an accountability partner (or group) and the two of you will develop a stronger bond of support throughout the session. You will check in with each other weekly (at minimum) to report and share on how your manifesting plans are going. You will hold each other accountable to your commitments and goals and help each other design new targets if circumstances require it. The main purpose of the partnerships is to have someone to be accountable to and to give and receive support. You will help each other maintain focus and get back on track if you fall off your commitments.

Sessions With Uma

You can schedule up to three 1-hour private coaching sessions with Uma throughout the duration of the course for a reduced price. Sessions with Uma can help you move quickly and totally through what might be blocking you from achieving your dreams. Using a combination of tarot insights and intuition, your discussion will focus on what you need to recognize and do to move ahead in alignment with your desires.

In The Creative Support Network you can:

  • Bring your questions and your feelings.
  • Share in a safe, confidential space (receiving feedback only if you wish).
  • Be part of a group of creatives and entrepreneurs who support each other and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Get support you need to develop your vision, set goals and meet them.

Not ready to join today?

We can let you know when the next session will open for registration.

Community Support Network Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we meet? What if I live in another state?

All classes will be held via Zoom video call so you can participate from anywhere!

What if I’m not an artist or business owner? Can I still join? If I do, will I still benefit the experience?

As long as you are want to participate in the class and you want to have more joy and less fear, you will benefit, and you are welcome.

Can men join or is this just for women?

Men are welcomed as long as you are aware that you will be surrounded by powerful, self-motivated women. If that doesn’t scare you, sign up! We’d be happy to include you.

If the tuition is too much for me right now, but I really want to participate, is there any kind of trade or work study available?

So glad you asked. Yes, absolutely. Reach out to Uma directly to discuss.

Feedback From Uma's Clients

I had my first Tarot reading with Uma today and it was great! She has such a calming energy that made me feel very comfortable. She listened closely to my concerns and gave me wonderful insights! The cards were just what I needed for clarification and confirmation and her interpretations helped me understand the messages more deeply. I felt much more at peace after my reading. I would definitely recommend getting a reading with her. 

Maria R.

Crystal Reiki Master, Client

Uma's tarot reading was wonderful! Uma is incredibly gifted.She really listened to me. She held a safe space for my reading. The guidance was crystal clear and my next steps are easier because of her guidance during this tarot reading. I am so grateful I found her. Do not hesitate to hire her. You will love this experience!

Jennifer P.

Coach and Shamanic Practitioner

Excellent session with sound advice and full explanation of each card meaning. Umadefinitely has a gift! Highly recommended.

Terry T.


A tarot reading from Uma is a real treat. She is intuitive and empowering and you leave feeling seen, guided, and clearer.

Amrita M.