Creative Support Network

For creatives, entrepreneurs and dreamers

Spring Session Enrolling Soon

People holding hands in sillouhette against a golden sunset with Creative Support Network written in the sky

Support & Accountability

For all who are ready

to transform their ideas into action

and manifest their dreams

Fun, Laughter and Connection also included!

Spring Session Starts March 27

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CSN helps you manifest your dreams

Deep Connections

Join a community of like-minded kindred spirits who support and provide accountability for each other. 

Learn To Shine

Gain skill and insight to bring your gifts to the world, because the world needs them. When you shine, we all shine.

Move Forward

Learn skills and tools to live more joyfully, communicate better and navigate your daily life with ease and success.

The Only Way Out Is Through

Heal and Grow

Do the inner work and healing you need to allow your life to fully manifest as it is meant to, and as you dream it.

Personalized Content

The curriculum of each session responds to the group and the unique needs of each and all of the participants.


Focus on making permanent changes to your habits, what you experience and how you live your life.

What's Included In CSN

Spring Session March 27 - June 13


Four Meetings

Our 3 hour meetings will include trainings, sharing, and feedback from the group and Uma on your current challenges. Specific exercises will clarify your goals and set measurable objectives and tasks for you to complete between sessions. Exercises may include Writing Your Personal Manifesto, Developing Your Vision and Mission, Compiling Project Goals and Objectives, Clarifying Your Vision, etc.

Assignments and practices will be given at the end of each meeting for you to focus on for the next 4 weeks in order to clarify your plans and bring them into the world.

Accountability Check-Ins

We will have partnerships and other methods of ongoing support and accountability. There will be optional check-in sessions between the weekend meetings (times TBD). The CSN is designed to provide direct accountability for you to help you make concrete steps to manifest your ideas and increase your creativity and productivity. 

One Private Session With Uma

You will receive one private coaching hour with Uma during the course. Your session with Uma can help you move quickly and totally through what might be blocking you from achieving your dreams. Using a combination of tarot insights and intuition, your discussion will focus on what you need to recognize and implement in order to move ahead in alignment with your most authentic life.

Spring 2021 Session Schedule


Listen To Uma Introduce CSN


You are welcome here. Creative Support Network exists for you.


Give and receive authentic community support and enjoy deep connection with like-minded others.


Learn skills, gain tools, shift your perspective and gain self-trust and self-love.


Where do we meet? What if I live in another state?

All classes are held via Zoom video call so you can participate from anywhere!

What if I’m not sure if this is for me?

I’m pretty sure that if you are drawn to this, you will benefit from it! Check out all my free offerings and the growing body of videos and writing on the site. You can also use the button below to send me any questions that are not answered here.

I just can't afford it right now, but I really want to participate. Is there any kind of sliding scale or work study available?

So glad you asked. Yes, I am committed to making this work available to all. Please click here to reach out to me directly and explain your situation so I can discuss this with you. No one turned away solely for lack of funds.

The Umaverse Vision & Mission

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

John Lennon, Imagine


Our vision is a world of love and beauty, where all that is needed is freely shared and where all people experience their true nature as free beings.


To help people feel alive, discover their authentic being, live authentically, share their unique gifts with the world, remove blocks to their awareness of love’s presence, and learn to feel joy more often and more easily.

To facilitate authentic awakening in everyone who comes into my field.

To reach people who are ready for this particular flavor of wisdom and to offer them guidance and assistance to come out of the darkness into the light of their own awareness.

Interested in an even more personalized experience?

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