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Live the Life You Long For (90-minute workshop)

March 5 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm EST

Calling all women. Make the changes that you long for in your life – even if you’re not yet sure what they are.

Learn about the 5 barriers that stop you from living the life you truly long for and how to gently, gracefully, and thoroughly move past them.

Self-betrayal is no longer an option.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • 5 common barriers to living the life you long for
  • 5 spiritual guiding principles that will break those barriers with ease and permanence
  • 6 simple guidelines to put these principles into practice every day

This is an interactive live workshop held on Zoom. It includes exercises, sharing, and authentic connection with the other attendees, who are likely to feel like kindred spirits. You will know that you are not alone when you hear them share about challenges and desires very similar to your own.

This workshop is for women who self-identify as (and resonate with):

deep thinkers, spiritually rooted, emotionally stable, physically stable, teachable, kind, connected to source on some level, strong empathy, supportive, ready and willing to change, recognize their autonomy, are not in crisis, willing to be challenged, generally have a positive outlook, are not steeped in anger, social conscience, care deeply, ready for change, open-minded, community-minded

It’s time to reconnect to the God of your understanding and live in alignment with your deepest, truest self.

Can’t make this date?

It’s also being offered on February 19th. Does that work?

If not, never fear! Register for either date, and we will send a recording afterward that you will have access to for 5 days.


1. I’m feeling unsure that this workshop can help me. How can I know if it will or not?

Willingness is the only thing that is required for these ideas to have a measurable impact in your life. Are you willing?

2. How long is this workshop?

The workshop is 90 minutes long.

3. Is it really free?


4. Why is it free?

Because first of all, we want to help as many women as possible along their path of realigning with, and returning to their relationship with, the God of their understanding. Secondly, we want to connect you to all future offerings of The Umaverse, including some that have a cost associated.

5. Can I come late or leave early?

We highly recommend that you come for the entire workshop, preferably arriving a few minutes early and staying until the end. However, if you can’t do that, yes, you can attend for part of it and watch the rest on the recording.

6. Will the workshop be recorded so I can watch it later?

Yes, we will record and share a recording with everyone who registers. It will be available for you to watch for 5 days after the workshop date, though, so be sure to make time in your calendar.

7. I don’t really know what I want to change in my life, I just know that I’m unhappy with some (or all) of it now. Will this workshop still help me?

The focus of this workshop is to understand what is keeping you stuck and how to get unstuck. It doesn’t matter how clear you are on what you want or not – the mechanisms of “stuckness” are the same. So, yes, please come to this workshop and see what it can offer to you now (as well as in the future when you clarify what you want).

The purpose of The Umaverse is to facilitate authentic awakening so that you can fulfill your soul’s purpose and live a life of adventure and freedom. Even if you never leave the town you live in.

We believe you can:

  • become happier than you ever thought possible.
  • create new ways of being, working, relating, and loving.
  • identify and release barriers to the life you long for.
  • learn to trust that everything happens for you, not to you.
  • develop a deep and abiding relationship with the God of your understanding.

Principles that we hold to be true:

  • Spiritual awakening and growth are the keys to everything we long for.
  • We are firstly human and therefore deeply connected to one another. This connection is stronger than any subsequent division or identification. Nothing that seems to separate us can possibly be stronger than our unity, despite appearances to the contrary.
  • Self-betrayal is no longer an option.
  • Be committed to your process of awakening.
  • Willingness is the only thing that is required.
  • Everyone, including you, deserves kindness, gentleness, and grace.
  • No one wins if anyone loses.
  • Joy is natural.

The Umaverse is not a religion nor is it aligned with any religion or single belief system. Our offerings are focused on your return to an authentic, personal connection with the God of your understanding. We believe that we can all have different understandings within time and space, without negating the reality of God which lies outside of time and space. Our ability to understand all-that-is is necessarily limited by our current existence in a human body.

Uma Bode, the founder of The Umaverse, considers herself a spiritual compass or guide. Her job is to help you navigate your soul’s journey on this earth as you discover and live your authentic spiritual path.


March 5
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm EST


The Umaverse
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