You will be welcomed warmly into the virtual meeting place. Uma will check in with you and you can let her know how you are feeling. She will ask you to discuss what is going on that you wanted a reading about, and through that preliminary conversation she will begin to clarify your question(s).

After that, she will start to draw some cards. She will show them to you, let you examine them closely via the video screen, and then ask you to say anything that comes up for you when you look at them.

Then she will start to discuss the cards and the meaning she intuits for you personally and your situation. Readings with Uma are collaborative, and you will be asked to participate fully.

She will always ask if her words resonate with you, take your clarifying questions and comments, and respond authentically and honestly. As the reading continues, she may pull additional cards for more layers of meaning and clarity.

No matter what the cards indicate or how you feel about them, Uma will always stay present and grounded with you throughout the session. There is no right or wrong way to
receive a reading.

As the end of the session approaches, she will ask for any last comments or questions, make sure you feel complete, and then the meeting will end.

When it is over, she will send you photos of all your cards and send you a link to the audio recording of your session so you can download it and listen again. You also have the option to decline the recording in which case, she will not record your session (the Zoom interface always lets you know if a meeting you are attending is being recorded).