Fear Is An Opportunity

I just realized the amount of anxiety and fear I live with every day is an opportunity.

An opportunity for self-awareness. That is the main thing. Self-awareness.

After that, you may or may not really need to do any kind of fancy process to digest or process or transform your fear.

Once you are AWARE, that’s the point. Awareness is what we are here for. To expand our awareness is to grow larger than the fear.

Plus, AWARENESS is what causes a shift. If you go right into an attempt to overcome or transform the fear, then you have skipped the most important step.

Experience the fear. Experience the fullness of it. Where is it in your body? What is the sensation of it? How does it manifest in your emotions and thoughts? Does it affect what you think? And then what you say?

Don’t jump to changing it or avoiding it. Be with it.

And in that allowing it to be, allowing you to have fear, see what happens to it.

My experience is that when I am with my fear in this way, then everything shifts on it’s own. Rather than my mind trying to figure out the fear, my entire being is shifting around the awareness of the fear.

And something new emerges. Organically. Correctly.

This is what it means to Trust The Process.

Does this resonate for you? What do you think about it? Feel free to weigh in on comments and share your thoughts and experiences.