Free Tarot Readings

Hosted Every Month for the Collective



Jan X, 2021 7pm (est)

What to Expect in a Reading for the Collective


This free reading for the collective provides an encouraging space for.........


These tarot readings will bring clarity to personal and spiritual issues that you may be experiencing.


Attendees of this group tarot reading will have the opportunity to receive a personalized .....


All readings are free and done via zoom .........

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Soandso Z., NYC

Find Clarity

Receive clear guidance about your issues and ask additional clarifying questions as needed.

Make A Decision

Get the answers you need to make difficult choices, with warm and compassionate support from Uma.

Move Forward

See what your next steps are to allow you to resolve the issue you bring to the reading and move ahead in your life.

Connect to your Intuition

In the reading, your own inner voice will be consulted and you will be encouraged to hear and trust it.

Feel Seen & Heard

Uma is easy to talk to and she will listen carefully to you during the reading.

Safe & Confidential Space

All readings are 100% private.

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Held on zoom each month......