Helping women claim their power, take their seat, and live the life they long for

We provide life-changing coaching & training programs, and by growing a community of women rooted in compassion and support.

The Umaverse is driven by our vision of a world where all people boldly and fearlessly live their most authentic life.


Tarot Readings

Umaverse Tarot Readings provide a rapid deep dive into your truth, focusing in on you and your unique situation to help you think clearly and decide on next steps so you can move forward.

They also can provide a message from the Universe – what the “God of your understanding” has to say to you right now.

People find new clarity and insight after a reading with Uma.

Workshops & Classes

Uma teaches classes and workshops related to living an authentic life, engaging in a practical spirituality, and using tarot and intuition to guide your life.


Group Programs

Drawing together a group of creative, curious souls who learn, share and support each other to grow, stretch, and gently push past their perceived boundaries.

Uma facilitates, teaches and helps each participant focus on what is holding them back from their dreams. Aren't you curious to know what amazingness awaits you when you are willing to say yes to the life you want?

Work with Uma

The Umaverse exists to serve and support your unique, life-long process of discovering and living your most authentic life.

Uma Bode, founder of The Umaverse, has a gift for facilitating personal transformation and inner spiritual growth in those who seek it.

Are you willing to grow and awaken? Are you ready for something more?

Uma Bode