My Personal Manifesto

There are many reasons to write a personal manifesto. There are also many online guides on how to write a personal manifesto. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person.

I decided to write a personal manifesto because I have been working hard to clarify what exactly I’m doing here as a human on planet earth. The whole situation of being alive has been rather confusing to me since, well, since I was born, honestly. But that’s fodder for a different blog post, perhaps.

This manifesto came together pretty easily. And it was an invigorating and enlightening process. I now have about 5 copies taped up on my walls so as I walk around my small home, I see it constantly. I even put one by the toilet – perfect location to be sure I read it at least once every day.

So, with no further introduction, I present to you my personal manifesto.  

Work In The World

  1. I am a writer, artist, healer and truthsayer.
  2. My mission is to be an instrument for the spread of human awakening.
  3. I am a healer and offer myself to be used by God in any healing capacity needed in each situation.
  4. I put beauty and true wisdom into the world.
  5. I bring my gifts to the world to be received and fairly traded for with money and energy.

Physical Reality

  1. I take good care of my body and mind; I get exercise and eat well.
  2. I make my home and all my spaces into sacred and beautiful places to be.

Emotional Reality

  1. I am kind. I do not let my insights into others’ weaknesses become judgments against them, but instead offer true vision for them to see what they really are. Perfect.
  2. I bring awareness to all who I meet, through every interaction.
  3. I embrace love and see fear, jealousy and comparison-mind as the illusions and veils over love and God that they really are.
  4. I appreciate and am grateful for every single moment and experience of my life – past present and yet to be.

Inner Guidance

  1. My life unfolds perfectly, as it should.
  2. I listen deeply to my inner Voice and Guidance, learning more and better discernment between which voice speaks for God and which speaks for ego (illusion).
  3. I align with what I know to be true and correct for me and say yes to its manifestation.

Business and Wealth

  1. I utilize discipline in all matters, particularly in relation to business and financial management.
  2. I take financial control of my life. I spend my money mindfully and only buy what I truly love and need. I put my money to work for me through wise investments and savings.
  3. I accept and claim wealth, health and happiness.

Now that you’ve read it, what do you think? Would you like to write your own? I’m going to start a virtual workshop to help you do just that. Sign up for my mailing list to get notified when it launches. Meantime, thanks for reading and please take good care of you.

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