Nashville (Show #1) Miracles Abound

Okay, followers of Following Bruce – the HOLY JOURNEY has begun! I am not sure how to even begin to convey what has already occurred.

Miracles? yup!

New friendships? check!

Got in the “pit” at my first show? YES I DID!!!

Last night was nothing short of life-altering. And not for the reasons you might expect. Not because of Bruce and the E Street Band’s powerful and heartfelt performances. Not because so many synchronicities converged to put me in front of the stage so close up. Not because Tom Morelo and Nils Lofgren shredded their guitar solos over and over again, not because the band played so many of the songs I hoped they’d play, not because I bought an awesome tour sweatshirt , not even because Bruce is so gorgeous it hurts….

No, friends. The reason last night changed my life is because of one simple fact: I was there.

I followed my heart right out of Austin and into my deepest desires. I trusted that voice deep in my gut and I’m doing what I feel called to do.

There are no words to convey the rightness, the magic, the convergence, the perfection of living life in that way. May each of you who read these words be similarly empowered and inspired. Whatever your longings. Please listen to them.

Bruce was right in front of me last night. He and every member of the E Street Band are legendary. And…they are real people. One of the gifts of this journey is that I get to remember that there is no difference between me and these seemingly bigger-than-life rock stars.

Because, here’s the secret: they are not, actually, bigger than life. They are just living their lives so fully that they fill their containers to bursting. And, placed next to someone not doing that, they may appear larger.

That, however, is an illusion. Like a full moon on the horizon seems so huge, yet in reality it is exactly the same size as when it’s high in the sky.

Dive into the Mystery. Let it devour you and you will be rewarded, filled to the brim, with more life than you can imagine.