Taking and making photographs has been one of the greatest loves and gifts of my life. It’s a gift for me and it’s a gift from me. 

My wish is that these images draw you to something deeper and bolder and bigger and more beautiful than where you might usually hang out. If you see any image in these galleries and blog posts that you would like to own, just let me know. I can have any of them printed for you for the same price as the ones in the shop.

When I sell at fairs and markets, I meet people all day long who can’t believe that these are made with an iPhone. I always tell them, “it’s not magic.” But then I pause and say, well, maybe a little it is. Because there’s magic everywhere, in every moment and every place. Magic is meditation is awarness is beauty. Soak it up. Bask in it.

Kauai – First Two Months

In mid-August, I (temporarily) moved to Kauai. I'm not sure I'll be here very long, but I have not blogged in a while so I thought I'd check in. I moved here because a friend of mine was dying and I came here with him and his family. To be part of that. The invitation...

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Some Pics from Houston

It is hard to believe it's been so long since the shows. I miss the touring life. Much is changing, much too fast. More on that soon. I finally made my way through the Houston pics and selected some to edit. This is a few of the first I've played around with. I shot...

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Some Photos from the Following Bruce Road Trip

From Austin, TX, through Arkansas, Tennesee, North Carolina, Florida and beyond, here's just a small selection of some of my favorite iPhone photos from the road trip. I often passed great photos by, but just as often, I pulled off if possible and jumped out to snap...

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Catching My Breath

I'm back! I know the whole idea was to blog about my Bruce adventure while I was in it, but you probably noticed—that didn't happen. It turns out that seeing eight (yes, 8) Bruce shows means a hell of a lot of driving and not a lot of writing. Um, make that NO...

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Bruce and the E Street Band – Charlotte, NC

Charlotte was an amazing show. Really. I'm still a newbie to Bruce's shows (though I've been a huge fan since 1975) but even the old-timers apparently are saying it was kinda phenomenal. I'm not going to do reviews (not my thing) but I do love sneaking iPhone shots...

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Jake and Uma: Sunset at Beer Can Beach

This is Jake on a sunset beach romp at Beer Can Beach just south of Santa Cruz, CA. He was my dog for 7 years. Now he's still my dog in my heart, and I'm still his person in his (I hope). But he lives with a fabulous family in Santa Cruz. I have full visitation...

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