Intuitive Tarot Card Reading Class

Tarot card decks and small desktop altar with crystals and stones

This class will help you develop your ability to use your intuition to interpret tarot cards and other oracle tools. The class will include exercises and practices to develop your ability to interpret and understand the many layers of meaning in each card without relying on outside sources. We will have time for sharing and discussion as well as individual and group readings led by Uma with contributions from all.

If you have been wanting to learn to read for yourself, this is a great opportunity to jumpstart your process. If you already use tarot or any other oracle tool, this class will sharpen your skills and intuition.

The class will also focus on community-building and new friendships.

We will be using the Osho Zen Tarot Deck for this class and it recommended that you obtain it before class starts. While you can indeed use a diferent deck if you so choose, the meanings of the cards vary from deck to deck and we may not have time to discuss all the variability between decks, that not being the focus here.

This class will meet 2 times for 75 minutes each session:

Two Consecutive Tuesday Evenings:  August 25, September 1

6:30 – 7:45 PM EST (75 minute class)

Zoom Video Meeting