Self-Discovery Journeys

Private Life Coaching For your heart & Soul


Do You Long To Live Your Most Authentic Life?

A Self-Discovery Journey is for you if:


You are ready for the next steps in living the life you know you came here for.


You want to learn how to follow your heart and listen to inner guidance every day in every situation.


You thrive in 1:1 coaching and teaching situations and you are willing to learn and grow.


You want to have a personalized, transformational experience and work closely with am inspiring mentor.

A Journey Like No Other

Think You might be ready for this adventure?


What Your Journey Includes

Four (4) meetings with Uma (weekly)

Personalized daily practices, inquiries and assignments based on your specific needs, interests and lifestyle. These may change during the Journey in response to your growth and changing awareness.

24-hour email access to Uma via text or email for feedback, questions and guidance for the duration of the Journey.

Investment: $350 

Insight Beyond Expectation

Immediate and profound insights into your unique spiritual awakening path.

Participatory Collaboration

Receive training and become empowered to hear and trust your inner guidance.

Live Authentically

Explore, embrace and allow your deepest dreams and desires for your life.

Empathetic & Accepting

Kind and affirming-all the intricacies of your story are welcome here.

Next Level Awareness

Discover your innate potential for potent and powerful presence.

Get In Alignment

It's really quite simple to live the life of your dreams-it's waiting for you.

Real Results - Adventure of a Lifetime

I just completed a self-discovery journey with Uma and am so grateful that I trusted my inner voice and signed up when the opportunity presented itself. I had absolutely no idea what to expect or where this might lead me, but I can tell you my friends it was exciting, interesting, eye-opening, fun, spiritual and mind-blowing all wrapped up into one!

For the past year and a half or so I have felt as if I were living my life from behind a veil.  I felt disconnected in so many ways and truly felt like a stranger in a strange land in my own body. Somehow I had been derailed from my life path and I just couldn’t get myself back on track.  I was yearning for something spiritually, but I wasn’t quite sure what. 

My path kept crossing with Uma’s and after a few tarot readings and participating in one of her classes I was really intrigued with the idea of this journey and decided to go for it. 

There is no blueprint for the journey, it just unfolds as the weeks go by, so no two journeys will be alike. Each person will take away something different from the experience.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t quite understand it all or why it is that I feel the way that I do, but after completing my journey with Uma I can tell you that I feel alive again, connected, supercharged and happily back on track.  The veil has lifted! 

Thanks to Uma’s gentle guidance, encouragement and knowledge I have begun to peel away the layers of my being and am now more keenly aware and have a deeper understanding of myself.  I will use the tools that have been provided to me to continue my journey and spiritual growth and am excited to see what might unfold along my path.  

If you’re thinking about doing this, trust yourself and sign up, you will not be disappointed! The Umaverse awaits you...

Paula M., Bethel, CT


I am devoted to your awakening as deeply as to my own

My work is rooted in the path of love beyond fear. You are here, having your unique and beautiful human life, to experience the full spectrum of aliveness. Take advantage of the tools you are offered. This is an opportunity for the journey of a lifetime: an expedition into your own authentic self, with freedom, joy, and love as the destination.