Self-Discovery Journeys


Do You Long To Live Your Most Authentic Life?

A Self-Discovery Journey is for you if:


You are ready for the next steps on your personal path of awakening.


You feel called and ready to live your most authentic life.


You feel a deepening of your relationship with the "god of your understanding" - whatever you may call it (source, divine, mystery, god, goddess, universe…)


You love the idea of a focused, guided, transformational, and personalized experience of working closely with an inspirational spiritual mentor.

Ready For A Self-Discovery Journey?

"Just had my first reading with Uma and loved it! I will definitely be returning for more. I loved her connection, patience and kind words. In a time of confusion I left the reading with more confidence in my inner voice."

Chanty D, Business Owner, NYC

Self-Discovery Journey Packages

Four Week Self-Discovery Journey

Details Coming Soon

Ten Week Self-Discovery Journey

Details Coming Soon


Insight Beyond Expectation

Immediate and profound insights into your unique spiritual awakening path.

Participatory Collaboration

Receive training and become empowered to hear and trust your inner guidance.

Live Authentically

Explore, embrace and allow your deepest dreams and desires for your life.

Empathetic & Accepting

Kind and affirming-all the intricacies of your story are welcome here.

Next Level Awareness

Discover your innate potential for potent and powerful presence.

Get In Alignment

It's really quite simple to live the life of your dreams-it's waiting for you.

An Adventure Like No Other

Self-Discovery Journeys Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we meet? What if I live in another state?

All classes are held via Zoom video call so you can participate from anywhere!

What if I’m not sure if this is for me?

I'm pretty sure that if you are drawn to this, you will benefit from it! Check out all my free offerings and the growing body of videos and writing on the site. You can also use the button below to send me any questions that are not answered here.

I just can't afford it right now, but I really want to participate. Is there any kind of sliding scale or work study available?

So glad you asked. Yes, I am committed to making this work available to all. Please click here to reach out to me directly and explain your situation so I can discuss this with you. No one turned away solely for lack of funds.


I am devoted to your awakening as deeply as I am devoted to my own.

My work is rooted in the path of love beyond fear. You are here, having your unique and beautiful human life, to experience the full spectrum of aliveness. Take advantage of the tools you are offered. Self-discovery coaching with Uma is an opportunity for the journey of a lifetime: an expedition into your own authentic self, with freedom, joy and love as the destination.

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In Their Own Words

I had my first Tarot reading with Uma today and it was great! She has such a calming energy that made me feel very comfortable. She listened closely to my concerns and gave me wonderful insights! The cards were just what I needed for clarification and confirmation and her interpretations helped me understand the messages more deeply. I felt much more at peace after my reading. I would definitely recommend getting a reading with her. 

Maria R.

Crystal Reiki Master, Client

Uma's tarot reading was wonderful! Uma is incredibly gifted.She really listened to me. She held a safe space for my reading. The guidance was crystal clear and my next steps are easier because of her guidance during this tarot reading. I am so grateful I found her. Do not hesitate to hire her. You will love this experience!

Jennifer P.

Coach and Shamanic Practitioner

Excellent session with sound advice and full explanation of each card meaning. Umadefinitely has a gift! Highly recommended.

Terry T.


A tarot reading from Uma is a real treat. She is intuitive and empowering and you leave feeling seen, guided, and clearer.

Amrita M.