Spiritual Coaching

Deeper Understanding Of Your Life Path

"Uma is truly gifted and has the most beautiful energy! I felt so at ease and comfortable immediately. Her reading was informative, and she offered me great insight and guidance. She was patient, answered all of my questions and was patient/compassionate as I talked through some of the tough things that I've been facing. I can't rave enough! So grateful I found her and will definitely be seeking her guidance going forward."

Dani B, Business Owner

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Spiritual coaching with Uma is Right For You If:


You are ready to live a more authentic life with more joy and less fear.


You know that the next steps toward freedom and happiness are waiting for you but you need some help to take them.


Memes, affirmations and self-help books just aren’t enough anymore.


You want to explore your spirituality.


You resonate with the idea that everything happens for you, not too you, but you struggle to see it in some of the circumstances of your own life.


You want to understand the lessons life seems to be giving you.

What To Expect From A Spiritual Coaching Session with Uma

Empathy & Kindness

Genuine, compassionate, heart-centered conversations and support.

Calming Environment

We create together a space for mindful awareness and peaceful presence.

Deep Listening

Feel understood, seen and heard as you explore your path.

New Insights

Clarifying insights for a fresh perspective on your life experiences.

Beyond Tarot

We will use tarot cards and also other tools and methods according to your unique needs and situation.

Identify What's Important

Articulate and clarify what you want to be focused on right now in your life.


Spiritual Coaching Invitation

If you are ready to explore (or already discovering) what spirituality means for you, then I invite you to book a spiritual coaching session. Your life is your spiritual path—it is specifically designed for your unique awakening journey. I am completely and passionately committed to helping you understand and navigate this journey. I bring a lifetime of active awakening, powerful tools, devoted kindness, and gentle insight to every client I work with.

Uma Bode


Spiritual Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

Which tarot deck does Uma use and why?

Uma currently uses the Osho Zen Tarot Deck for most of her readings because it is focused entirely on life as a journey of awakening. This is in complete resonance with Uma’s perspective and her work with clients. She has used this deck for so many years that many levels of meaning for each card has been revealed to her. Thus it is a powerful tool that she can interpret and utilize quite rapidly during client sessions.

How does Uma use tarot cards in her coaching work?

Tarot cards are one of many tools that Uma uses during spiritual coaching and self-discovery journeys. All of the coaching work is focused on finding your authentic self, living your authentic life, speaking your authentic voice. There are so many ways to access all of that and tarot readings are combined with other oracle means, conversations, meditations, active practices, journaling and so much more. If you are interested, Uma will also guide you in using your own tarot deck(s) during your coaching sessions or journeys.

In Their Own Words

I had my first Tarot reading with Uma today and it was great! She has such a calming energy that made me feel very comfortable. She listened closely to my concerns and gave me wonderful insights! The cards were just what I needed for clarification and confirmation and her interpretations helped me understand the messages more deeply. I felt much more at peace after my reading. I would definitely recommend getting a reading with her. 

Maria R.

Crystal Reiki Master, Client

Uma's tarot reading was wonderful! Uma is incredibly gifted.She really listened to me. She held a safe space for my reading. The guidance was crystal clear and my next steps are easier because of her guidance during this tarot reading. I am so grateful I found her. Do not hesitate to hire her. You will love this experience!

Jennifer P.

Coach and Shamanic Practitioner

Excellent session with sound advice and full explanation of each card meaning. Umadefinitely has a gift! Highly recommended.

Terry T.


A tarot reading from Uma is a real treat. She is intuitive and empowering and you leave feeling seen, guided, and clearer.

Amrita M.

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A reading with Uma is a great way to meet her and see what it would be like to work with her. All of her sessions are now conducted via Zoom so you can meet from the comfort of your home.