Spiritual Defined (For The Umaverse)

To start with, I want to be clear. Very clear. About what spiritual is and is not to me, and what I do and do not mean or imply when I use this word.

What you are about to read is a personal definition. I am not imposing it on you. But if you want to read what I have to say (and I really, REALLY hope you do), it’s helpful if you know what I mean by certain words.

[This is an important and too-often overlooked aspect of communication. Get your definitions straight. Talk it out. Be clear.]

So, in the interest in clarity and open communication, here’s where I’m at with the concept of “spirituality” at the present moment:

  1. Spiritual is not religious.
  2. All life is the spiritual journey.
  3. There’s no morality associated with spirituality. Spirituality is not about how you are supposed to behave, or a set of rules you are supposed to follow.
  4. You can’t be more or less spiritual. You can’t be off the path.
  5. We are innately spiritual.
  6. We are here to be human and that is what our spiritual path is about – our specific human life is exactly FOR us. For our “soul’s evolution.”
  7. I use words like “God” and “soul.” I don’t meant them in the way they are described in any religion. Especially not the Judeo-Christian-Muslim families of religion. (Unless you are talking about the mystical esoteric sects of those religions. Then, probably, there’s more common ground. Like, for instance, the heart-based Sufi path. The ways of Rumi and Hafiz.)
  8. God is all that is, God is the source of all that is, also the sustainer and destroyer of all that is. It’s mystical, it’s esoteric, it’s not something your mind can comprehend. (And it’s not a he or a she – both maybe. And more.)
  9. The spiritual path is the life you are living and the way of awakening is through the heart. The mind/ego/self will take its right place as we soften into the life that we have. As we come to trust the path unfolding before us. As we drop the idea of something that must be achieved or earned.

I could go on…and on…and I probably will. But for now, this is a good start.

And YOU?

How’s that hit you? What’s your personal spirituality and path look like?

Comment away. Let’s discuss.