CRYSTAL CLEAR INSIGHTS for your life journey


Find Clarity

Receive clear guidance about your issues and ask additional clarifying questions as needed.

Feel Seen & Heard

I'm easy to talk to and I will listen carefully to you throughout your tarot card reading.

Move Forward

The tarot cards can provide insight into how you can resolve issues with confidence in your life.

Make A Decision

Get the answers you need to make difficult choices, with warm and compassionate support.

Connect to your Intuition

During the tarot reading, we will consult your inner voice and you will be encouraged to trust it.

Safe & Confidential

All online tarot readings are 100% private, confidential, and secure. 

A Tarot reading will light your way forward

Free Intuition Practice Worksheet

Download this simple worksheet right now, and use it to improve your relationship with your intuition. 

Using it regularly can be a gateway into a stronger working relationship with it so that you can be guided by your own inner wisdom in every moment.

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"Just had my first reading with Uma and loved it! I will definitely be returning for more. I loved her connection, patience and kind words. In a time of confusion I left the reading with more confidence in my inner voice."

Chanty D, Business Owner, NYC

How Does A Tarot Reading Help You?


The reading is personalized uniquely for you; the cards are interpreted in the context of your situation and questions.


This provides a newfound clarity regarding issues that you have been struggling to understand.


This new insight often helps you to make decisions about things that you have felt stuck about, which then empowers you to take action and move forward in your life.

What Tarot Is For a poem

Tarot is a way in.

It penetrates what you know

to reach what you hid,

pauses your busy

to discover what you ignored.

Tarot is a request for more information

and the answer.

A tarot reading is a conversation with

your inner voice, that a while ago

you shoved into the back of the closet

but now you wonder what happened to it.

You’re rummaging through outfits, high heels, (too) tight jeans,

just-put-it-there-for-now piles of what-is-that-anyway.

Looking for it. Your deeper self.

Where did you put it, you ask yourself?

That’s what tarot is for.

It’s a magic “find me” app for your soul.

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