The Time Of Coronavirus

This is unprecedented.

This is nothing we have ever done before.

What is most important?

Envision an awakened world. Recognize you do not know what that looks like, exactly. You do not need to create this world. You just need to be devoted to its emergence.

If you are focused on fear it is ok. Feel it and allow it. Then breathe into it, accept it, bless it and release it. Again and again, maybe for the rest of your life. This is how it may be. Or, perhaps, a new way of living, beyond the fear, will emerge. But, remember: the only way out of the fear is through the fear. You can not walk around it. You can not make it disappear. You can not chant it away or dance it away or magic it away or anger it away. All you can do is befriend it, burn with it and move beyond it.

It is said that with just 3.5% of a given population focused on a change, the change can occur.

We have lived from fear for far too long. We have lived in a world constructed by fear. Fear makes walls, fear makes “other,” fear makes us think we need to accumulate wealth, fear makes us become neurotic.

We have also lived from confusion for too long. Confusion about what is real and what is not real. We have thought that the world we see is real. But, hello, get the download. What we see is what we think. What we think shapes what we see. So much so, that we often do not see what is real. IN FACT, we mostly see what is not real.

Because we are projecting our beliefs all over the place.

So, in this time of coronavirus, ask yourself, what is it that you value most? How far are you willing to grow? Just 3.5% of the population of your block, your town, your city, your state. Will change the world. So, when you think, “be the change,” be sure to recognize, “I AM the change.”

You might think that your beliefs don’t matter. But oh, they do. Your beliefs create everything. Our collective thoughts create our world. our individual thoughts create our individual world.

This is what mindfulness, gurus, spiritual growth, meditation, yoga, buddhist practices, esoteric traditions, spiritual teachers, the human potential movement and so much more has been saying to you. It’s so simple. You don’t need to DO anything. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you CAN do things. But what I’m saying is that awakening is an inside job, it’s a process, and only YOU can do it.

You were born to do it. You came here to do it. Claim awakening for yourself and it will happen. Trust that process. Your process. Your unique journey.

The Time Of Coronavirus is the greatest opportunity for mass awakening that humanity has ever experienced. So, get after it.