This Couple in Nashville

I realized after I wrote the Nashville Fans post that I forgot my very first interview couple – these two were so charming and sweet and real and I was so pleased with my first “fan on the street” interview that I can’t believe I left them off.

I think it’s because they deserve a post all their own.

Meet David and Sherry Rafferty!







After I got my ticket and wristband, before I met my new Spanish girlfriends for lunch, I took a walk through Nashville. As I was crossing the street to walk back, these two asked me something about directions. I didn’t know, of course, but I collared them based on David’s Bruce–E Street t-shirt.

“I’m following Bruce’s tour and blogging about it!” I handed them my card.

Before they knew what hit them, I was snapping their photo and asking them questions and they were showing me pictures of their daughters.

Married for 23 years, Sherry has seen 7 Bruce shows and David has seen about 10. It was David who turned Sherry onto The Boss when they met.

Why do they love Bruce shows?

“He give it his all – he always gives a great show…energetic! He never grows old. He stays true to his roots. He cares about everyone.”

“But really, I just love the music.”

That about sums it up for me, too!

I really want to say, I’m grateful that I met these two when I did. Their enthusiastic interest in what I was doing and their willingness to talk to me gave me confidence to approach others as the night went on. Thank you, David and Sherry. I surely hope you find this post and know how much I appreciate you.